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-- The Dalai Lama

Friday, February 18, 2005

I Swear There's a Light Around Here Somewhere...

...Maybe at the end of this tunnel?

Haas asks:

What classes represent your finals and midterm? Does next semester look good to finsh out school? Just some thoughts on what to write about.

Thanks, Haas! Well, your second question first, because it is second-most in my thoughts pretty much 100% of the time (after health-related stuff): Graduation!

After I was released from the hospital in December, many people urged me to delay graduation. During some particularly rough days I did seriously consider this option. However, the idea of having to go through the law school application process again was simply intolerable. So, to answer your question, I am graduating in May. 77 days from now, if my sidebar --> is to be believed.

On to your first question: This morning I took a midterm in my "Environmental Issues in Geosciences" class. It's basically an energy class. It was fine, a little more essay-oriented than I expected, but not too bad.

This afternoon I have a midterm in my class titled "Math for the Environment." Very little math, lots of questions like: "What is a thinking space model?" and "Where did the Exxon Valdez oil spill happen?"

Finally, on Monday I have my 2nd out of 4 make up finals from last semester. The first one I took last week, a 24 hour take home final for my architectural engineering class. This next one will be for "Natural Resources Economics" (which turned out to be pretty much exactly the same class as "Environmental Economics", both of which were requirements for my major.)

Back to the books again, but I will post later about something funny that happened last night at a lecture I went to at the law school. It involves aliens.

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The Haas Blog said...

Wow...only 77 days remaining! I'm sure you're excited, but enjoy those last 77 days as you won't get them back. Your classes sound fairly interesting. Good luck with your remaining exams.