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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Construction Noise at CU Law

Awhile back I contacted CU Law asking about the potential for construction noise in the Fleming building during Fall 05/Spring 06 while they build the new Wolf building. It occurred to me today that this information may be interesting to others considering Colorado for law school. This message was sent on the 10th of this month:
The bulk of the noise producing operations will take place in the next three months as heavy equipment dig the foundations, install utility lines and place concrete for caissons. The noise presently on the site will grow some, but what is being experienced now is going to be typical. The biggest noise producing operation will be the drilling of the caissons, where a large diesel engine will run constantly to drill the hole.

By fall, nearly all the work will be internalized within the building, and the types of work do not require heavy equipment. There may be some disturbance to the offices and rooms on the south side of the building but all the other spaces should not be impacted by the time that you are attending.

Some of the activity that is underway will be diverted to the south. We are in the process of getting permits from the State DOT that will allow us to access the site directly from Baseline Rd., which will greatly reduce the amount of truck traffic and disturbance that is being experienced now.

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sui generis said...

That's good to know. Sounds like it will all be done in the fall, then. At my undergrad school, they would spend the spring semester making everything pretty and not touch a thing during the summer, since that's when prospective students came through on campus tours. Then, when we were all back in classes in the fall, they would tear the shit out of campus and begin the noisy construction work. In my senior year, they actally ripped out all the sidewalks and dug a huge moat in the middle of campus that we all had to walk around for an entire semester. It was a pretty crappy situation.