"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

-- The Dalai Lama

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

One More Application (Finally!)

I know, it is incredibly late to be submitting another app, but I had previously decided not to even apply to this school. But things changed and I'm now considering staying in state, mostly as a compromise but for some other reasons as well.

First, all of my doctors are here and I have like a thousand specialists now so getting together an entire new "health care team" in a new city is not a small task. Not impossible, but it would take some work, and for the most part I like and trust my current gaggle of physicians so it is something to consider.

Other factors are: leaving my family, and my friends, and having to adjust to a new city with its new climate and new transportation system and all the little things one has to adjust to when moving away, when I'm still adjusting to my shiny new chronic illness.

Anyway, I'm at the very least applying, to keep my (our) options as open as possible. Soon-to-be Mr. WhyLaw is reciprocating by applying to a University in the city of my #1 school choice as they have a decent program in his field of study.

Probably March-ish we'll make our big decisions. For now it's all about accomplishing the big task of getting through each day as they come.


divine angst said...

Coordinating the geography can be really tricky. Mr. Angst and I are going through this right now, since I am now in love with the idea of Chicago, and he really wants to go to school in DC. Good luck working it all out—and it will work itself out for you, I firmly believe. We're hoping mid-March ourselves for a decision.

E3B said...

I just re-read the "Since I last posted" post and realized that I never made it to the part where you got engaged and got into a school with a scholarhip. Congrats, that is awesome on both counts.