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-- The Dalai Lama

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

For SG: Summer Plans

Sui Generis asks:
Are you planning to do anything crazy before law school starts, to celebrate the end of your pre-law life?
I don't think I need any big last hurrah or anything before law school starts. I'm incredibly ready for it to start, actually. However, there are big plans in the works for this summer: Wedding, honeymoon, big cross country move (Probably! No official commitments until April 1! Unofficially, that's just big talk. We all know where I'm going.)

I'm so excited for all of these things to happen, and yet day after day it's just more of the same. I thought February would never end! I have high hopes for March, though, with its spring break, and trips to Portland (next week) and Vermont (the week after).

So, no, no bungee jumping or sky diving or other craziness for me. I'm curious if other people are planning big "Goodbye pre-law existence!" extravaganzas, though.

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Menagerie said...

I threw a party the weekend before I started -- a "goodbye for three years" party. I'm looking forward to throwing my own "welcome back" party in a couple of months!