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-- The Dalai Lama

Monday, March 07, 2005

For E. McPan: Regarding The Future Mr. WhyLaw

E. McPan asks:
how did you meet the future Mr. Why Law and when did you know he was The One?
Soon-to-be Mr. Why Law and I met about 5 and a half years ago, through a mutual friend. Our first conversation ever was about license plates. Seriously.

I knew right away that J was a great guy, but I didn't think I would ever have a chance. He was out of my league, for sure. :) I got lucky, I guess! J is the sweetest, smartest, most caring, funniest, and sexiest guy. He is also extremely patient - I suppose he would have to be, to put up with me!

He's been so great through the whole LS application process. I swear he must have listened to hundreds of hours of LSAT talk. Then application talk. Then mail talk! He was also the exclusive proofreader of my personal statements. Now he's going to let me drag him halfway across the country and change schools so I can attend my preferred LS. He's amazing, and I am extremely lucky.

Update: More about license plates: In Colorado there are these license plates that say PIONEERS and have a picture of a covered wagon. Well, the aforementioned "mutual friend" and I had been coming up with ideas about what these special license plates could possibly be about all day. We were still discussing it while hanging out at this little neighborhood bar.

J was supposed to meet up with us for a drink. Mutual Friend was dying for me to meet him, as she had a huge crush on him. So, he arrives and sits down and before he even has a chance to say hello, I ask him, "So, do you know what's up with those pioneer license plates?" He didn't.

A short five years later, we're engaged!


E. McPan said...

Ha ha - license plates?!

Thanks - this was a good story.

stag said...

This just leaves more questions. Where did you meet him- where was the first place you saw him? What did you guys have to say about license plates?

stag said...

Ha. Glad I asked. Interesting that she had a crush on him.