"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

-- The Dalai Lama

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


What can I say that won't sound completely cheesey?

I'm getting really excited about graduation tomorrow. Up until now I've really just been tired. This has been a very trying semester. Learning how to deal with my exciting new diabetes, studying for and taking my finals from fall semester, taking my regular classes, getting law school decisions and picking one to attend, planning a wedding and dealing with the surprising amount of drama that has gone along with it - All in one neat four month package.

I've learned a lot in college. I've enjoyed my major and as much as I complain about it I'm glad I attended CU, if only for the opportunity to major in exactly what I wanted to. During these last four months I've learned a lot about myself and how much I can handle. I've had to question my priorities, and even my commitment to this whole law school thing.

I questioned whether I can (or even want to) handle the stress of law school with my new set of circumstances. My ultimate answer is yes, I think so. Maybe I'll approach the whole thing differently than I would have, but I believe that I can "do law school" - and, perhaps more importantly, that I still want to and there's nothing else I would rather do next.


stag said...

Well, be strong. You are strong! I keep hearing and reading about people that drop out of LS because it's not worth it. It can't be that bad. I mean, you have faced death, in a way albeit unconsciously, but law school can't be that big of a deal! It can't be that bad compared to other alternatives. Even if you don't intend to practice for the rest of your life (and I don't), it's still got to be a good experience.

Anyway, have a great time at and celebrating graduation!! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to following you through the next few years.

CM said...

Congratulations!! Happy graduation!

Right now everything is changing at once for you. Once school and the wedding are over, and you've moved and settled in, I'm sure things will seem less overwhelming.