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-- The Dalai Lama

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Where Is The Future Already?

I work on many different computers during the day. I have my home laptop, the desktop in my office at school, various PCs and macs around campus and my boyfriend's desktop at home when I need to print something. I have lots of projects going on and I need to access them at various times and places every day. During previous semesters it has worked to just e-mail myself things and access files either in my inbox or my sent-mail. However, this semester it is not working. I just have too many files to keep track of, especially now with my thesis and its overload of research requirements.

During the past little while I have been using floppies. I know, this seems ridiculously old-fashioned but they seemed to be the most universally accepted so I went with it. The macs at my school have never had floppy drives, but I can't stand macs anyway so that was not such a big deal. However, now they are replacing all of the PCs with non-floppy drive models. Sigh.

Anyway, now I am considering other alternatives. Some students in my engineering class have USB drives. This seems like a very cool alternative. But I need something that is very reliable and I can just throw in my backpack. Does anyone have any experience with these and can give me advice on brand, etc.? Or any other ideas for me?

Update: I ordered this last night and I'm pretty excited about it. Thanks for the advice!


divine angst said...

I gave my husband a USB drive for Christmas last year (maybe two years ago? now I can't remember), and he loves it. He's an IT professional, and he wanders around his company's campus all day long, and throws that USB key in his pocket, his backpack, on desks, etc. He's never had any trouble with it (except the time it fell between the seats in the car and he couldn't find it for two days).

I think most of the brands are pretty much the same nowadays, but I got his drive from DiskOnKey and it's been very, very reliable.

Menagerie said...

They're very convenient. My husband swears by him (transfering files from his laptop to his desktop, to his work computer) and the one he's using now has survived a run through the washing machine & drier. I don't recommend this, but they're bulletproof. :)