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-- The Dalai Lama

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Should I Worry?

None of my schools have requested my reports yet. Should I be worried? Did I miss something?


divine angst said...

:::weeping:::: I wish I had that worry!

My answer: probably not. Some schools are still wading through ED apps and won't start reviewing regular decision apps for a few weeks yet. (Some even say on their websites that they don't look at apps till Jan. 1, and then, in the order in which they were received.)

So take deep breaths. You're OK.

CM said...

Most of the schools I applied to requested my report within a few days, but one took over a month. Since it's been less than a week for you, I wouldn't worry... but if none of them have requested your report in a week or two, you might want to check the status of your file with LSAC.

Menagerie said...

Deep breaths! Most schools are innundated with applications and are just sorting through them, and many of those won't even think about really looking at the applications until after Christmas. (I had a friend on the admittance committee last year!)

Good luck!

E3B said...

My advice: drink heavily and avoid JD2B and LawSchoolDiscussion.org. I've wasted about 3 days so far worrying about why school X hasn't requested my report yet or whether or not Georgetown is going to ding me because they've already accepted 20 people.

You're going to do really well and this will all feel like a picnic when you're starting to prep for exams this time next year!

Shannon said...

Thank you all for the nice and reassuring comments. It will be nice when those N's turn to Y's and I can be sure it's out of my hands. Until then I will try to have faith in the system :)