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-- The Dalai Lama

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I Think You Meant 2005

This morning I sent an email to Lewis & Clark to take care of some administrative errands - requesting confirmation of my final tuition deposit, informing them of my new name, etc. and in return I received an auto-reply letting me know that they received the email, that they would get back to me in a timely manner, and if I was writing to be placed on their mailing list they would be sending out 2006 admissions information soon.

No, no, that must be a typo or other such mistake...I'm writing about 2005 admissions information. I'm still a law school applicant. "Law School" is an abstract concept that will be encountered sometime in the distant future. And surely I will feel confident, prepared and sufficiently lawschoolified once my application cycle is over and you begin sending out information for those applying for admission in 2006.



kristine said...

heh...yeah, I know what you mean. law school is something that happens LATER, not SHORTLY. I've been working on my loan papers and even that seems sort of fake; like I'm applying for monopoly money.

CM said...

Funny... I can relate. Although it's still far enough away that I think of it as a distant reality.

It wasn't enough that we applied to law school -- now we actually have to go?

DeniseUMLaw said...


Dagny said...

I am going to Lewis and Clark in the fall as well, and have paid both of my seat deposits. The funny thing is that they keep sending me admissions information packets for the following year. I have been admitted, but they keep sending me things asking me to apply to their school!!

Kind of strange!